Being Healthy

Working towards happy and healthy children young people and families.

Being Connected

What connected means to you having somewhere to go and something to do.

Being You

Giving young people a real voice in things that matter to them.


A summary of #YES, what its about and what we want to achieve.

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Here are the views of young people, parents & professionals.

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The full strategy is available here.

Mini Ambassadors

Are you aged 11-16?

Do you live in Bilston, Blakenhall or Whitmore Reans?

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Do you want to improve emotional wellbeing for young people?

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Youth Engagement Board

If you're interested in having your say about what happens for young people in Wolverhampton the Youth Engagement Board is the opportunity for you ! The group will focus on the key elements of the Youth Engagement Strategy including being connected, being healthy and being you. The group will work to improve opportunities for all young people across the city. You will be provided with support to develop your skills and confidence to get involved to make a real change for young people across Wolverhampton.

To express your interest in becoming a Youth Engagement Board member please complete the form below and also ask your parent or guardian to complete the consent form.

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Consent form

Leaders message

I was lucky to have a great start to my life as a child growing up in Liverpool. My family was tight-knit and taught me strong values that I hold dear to this day.

In May 2019, I became leader of the council in my adopted home of Wolverhampton. Remembering my own childhood, I made it my priority to ensure that every child and young person in the city gets the best start they possibly can in an environment which is safe. I wanted them to have access to great facilities and take part in activities which lead to greater opportunities in life.

I know that investment and focus on children and young people will pay dividends for the city as a whole in the future. They are our greatest asset and ensuring that their lives start well now will only have a positive effect on Wolverhampton in the years to come.

This is why the Youth Engagement Strategy has been devised. It outlines what we can do to give our youngsters the best possible start to life in the city, how individuals, communities and organisations can work together to make this happen and make it work for future generations.

It focuses on three key areas – Being Healthy, Being Connected and Being You. Together, these three strands will help ensure that through co-production, we can nurture our young people to ensure our city is constantly one that is on the up.