Being Connected


Sense of community or being connected comes in many forms. It can be simply walking down the street and hearing friendly “hellos” from passersby; meeting up with new friends and chatting for hours; joining a club or a community event and feeling welcomed immediately and attending school.

What you said

  • Spending time with the family and having family activities.
  • Meeting friends.
  • Having somewhere to go relax and have fun.
  • Activities that we want, let us have a say.
  • Children with disabilities said they would like more things to do and places to go.
  • More local facilities.

What we will do

  • We will build on the success of Summer Squad and pledge to provide activities during the school holidays.
  • We will create a website detailing the activities available throughout the year
  • We will invest in the local community to encourage local ownership, identifying funding opportunities and working together on local solutions.
  • We will invest in local youth workers

Progress so far...

WV Virtual Squad - Website

In response to Covid, we summer squad as gone virtual. Many providers adapted their services to be delivered virtually. The virtual website went live 02 April 2020. There are on average 93 activities ranging from art and crafts (most popular), learning, cooking entertainment, sport, music, wellbeing and SEND specific. There is also a parent section. The site has had 23,135 unique visitors and is ‘live’ until lockdown is lifted. We held an Easter competition and a Covid what it means. The entries ranged from posters, poems, raps and tik tok videos. View the winners on WV Virtual Squad Competition Winners.

Detached work (April – May 16)

Base 25 were commissioned to deliver detached work during lockdown. To help reduce the pressure on emergency services and the risk of young people being criminalised during the COVID-19 outbreak, Base 25 worked closely with WMP to ensure that young people in Wolverhampton are behaving safely and within the expected rules as set out by Government in response to the pandemic. Each morning we have liaised with Police to capture the most up to date information to inform our detached work and the following represents the key ‘hot spot’ areas worked.

62 young people worked with through the street-based work average age between 12 – 16

Their media campaign reached over 16,000 people. The most popular campaign #ISTAYHOME has reached 11700 people and our competition alerts have reached 992 people on average. The detached youth work post reached 3600 people. Base 25 produced a monitoring report and video highlighting their work.

Base continue to offer detached and will do so throughout the summer.

Investing in the community

We continue to work with young people, families and the community in identify local issues and working together on solutions. Funding will become available to local community organisation to deliver local activities during the summer holidays.